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Beautiful Romanian Women

Romania is known for the extreme grace of Nadia Comaneci and the extreme terror
of Count Dracula. Perhaps, it’s time to get to know the country’s extremely gorgeous
women. Here is a list of the most beautiful women of Romania.

We will present them now in a random order:

Andreea Mantea

Andreea Mantea - Romania - Lingerie

Andreea Mantea - Romania - Lingerie

Andreea Mantea

Playboy Magazine’s Romanian edition. Romania - Lingerie 

More pictures here:



Madalina Diana Ghenea

SHQ #Lingerie / #Swimwear - #Madalina #Ghenea

#Sexy #Madalina #Ghenea #Lingerie # Swimwear

Top model & actress, currently living in Milan - Italy.

More info and pictures here :


 Diana Paunescu



Playboy Magazine’s Romanian edition.


Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu ( Inna )

wow Inna

Seriously Hot Pop Artist From Romania

Seriously Hot Pop Artist From Romania

 First European female singer to surpass one billion hits on YouTube ,singer-songwriter and dancer.

More info here:


Antonia Iacobescu

Just beautiful AntoniaThe super sexy Antonia Iacobescu

The Hottest Thing on The Romania Music Scene

Singer & model working with large agencies in the U.S., such as Lenz and Ford Models


Bianca Draguseanu

Super Sexy Bianca

Bianca Dragusanu, asa cum nu ai mai vazut-o niciodata. Cum arata diva nemachiata, si fara retus in Photoshop: Una din zilele in care nu ai chef sa te machieziBBY Holiday Collection 12225

One of the most popular Photo Models



Otilia Aionesei


Intern for Merrill Lynch



Catrinel Menghia


The face of Giorgio Armani


 Laura Cosoi


Playboy Magazine’s Romanian edition


Alina Puscau


Appeared in Playboy and has been known to date famous people
like Vin Diesel, Brett Ratner and Eddie Irvine.


Cristina Dochianu


Romania’s answer to Erin Andrews.Romanian edition
of Playboy Magazine


Monica Dascalu


Television presenter for the television station in Romania called
Pro TV


Gina Pistol

Gina Pistol

Gina Pistol is a film and television actress.Romanian edition of
Playboy magazine.


Valentina Pelinel


Valentina Pelinel is a model.Romanian politician who is the vice president of the country’s
Liberal Democratic Party.


Paula Seling

Paula Seling - Photo 09

Romanian musician, TV celebrity. Eurovision Song Contests.


Elena Gheorghe

Singer Latino, Pop and Dance genres.


Catrinel Menghina

Catrinel Menghia - Photo 04

Romanian top fashion model and actress. Face of Giorgio Armani worldwide and French lingerie purveyor Lise Charmel.

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Traditional Dressing

Romanian dress refers to the traditional clothing worn by Romanians, who live primarily in Romania and Moldova, with smaller communities in Ukraine and Serbia. Today, a strong majority of Romanians wear Western-style dress on most occasions, and the garments described here largely fell out of use during the 20th century. However, they can still be seen in more remote areas, on special occasions, and at ethnographic and folk events. Each historical region has its own specific variety of costume.

Romanian traditional clothing can be classified according to seven traditional regions.These can be further subdivided by ethnographic zones, which may range between 40 and 120, depending on the criteria used.

The seven main regions are:

  • Transilvania|Transilvania-Ardeal
  • The western plains: Câmpia Mureșului Inferior ; Câmpia Crișurilor (Crișul Negru, Crișul Alb, Crișul Repede); Câmpia Someșului inferior (Țara Oașului)
  • Banat, including Lunca Timișului and Caraș-Severin.
  • Valahia, including Oltenia și Muntenia.
  • The lower Danube, including Bărăgan, Dobrogea and southern Moldova.
  • Moldova, including Basarabia, Bucovina and Transnistria.
  • Balcans or Romanians of the Balcanic peninsula, which can be further subdivided into four areas
    • The Daco-Romanians along the borders: Cadrilater (Bulgaria),[citation needed] Timoc (north-western Bulgaria and eastern Serbia), Voivodina/Serbian Banat and in Ukraine (especially around Cernăuți and Odesa)
    • Istroromanians in Istria, Croatia
    • Macedoromanians (or "aromanians") in Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia.
    • Meglenoromanians in Greece and Macedonia.

Women's clothing

Ie (romanian blouse)

Ia is the type of shirt of a typical gathered form of the collar, which exists since ancient times. It is also known as the „carpathian shirt”, similar to the Slavic (Bulgarian, Serbian, Ukrainian etc.) peoples. The three-part decor code of this pleated shirt is almost always the same: in addition to the underarm embroidery, the Altita (derived from Serbian ла̏тица), there is a single horizontal row on the sleeve, known as Incret, and diagonal stripes below the armpit and shoulder, the Râuri. The underarm embroidery characterizes the entire costume, it is traditionally seen as the culmination of embroidery and decoration.


The fotă is a richly-ornamented wrap-around skirt made out of a rectangular piece of woolen fabric worn at the waist. Alternately, it can be made of two pieces of woven material that cover the front of the body (like an apron) and the back.


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