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There are many nice cities and county places in Romania but if it's to pick one I would pick Brasov or Sinaia or Predeal and even Sibiu or...  Explore Romania to find out. 
Well... Romania it is a beautiful garden of Europe, In here you can find many nice places with different landscapes and weather pattern , including a rich raining season, birds singing or a strong wind and weird noises at midnight in the Castel of Dracula ( we love to call it Vlad Tepes as on his real name). In the end it's all a legend but I am sure you will be curious to find out more when you will come. By the way, you should see the real bears.
In fact that statement it is not a real situation and it is fabricated by some mass media with a special interest in denigrating our image for some reasons. In fact the truth is that our country has a good reputation world wide when it comes to Sport, Olympiads in mathematics, chemistry, innovations & inventions , beautiful women or music and so on. Romanians are working in a considerable number abroad at Microsoft, NASA, Yahoo, top Universities, research institutes and laboratories. We have contributed to the world with inventions like the first jet engine, the first insulin , the first pencil , the first flying saucer disc shape like flying machinery. You may have heard about some roma minority groups or individuals creating problems abroad or inside of our country or even some native Romanians having an odd or wrong behavior but I am sure those cases are less than in other countries but far more often spotted on the tv or radio.Romanians are brave and corrects, they will always welcome you in their houses not like a guest or tourist but sure like a member of its family. Come and discover yourself.  

Bulk Questions

Yes we do and even how great they are. As you probably know, in Romania it is snowing a lot during the winter time. We enjoy every end of the year winter sport or relaxation. We hold yearly ski competitions and snow fun games and a very good time. Sometimes we get 1-2 meters of snow or more on the mountain so better pack up and get ready for fun with us. 
Do not be silly, we do love all the animals and in special domestic ones like cats and dogs and if you didn't know yet, one out of 5 Romanians have a pet or two or more :) As we said above, do not trust everything you see on some news media who are picking " hot subjects " to live from. We are all ,or almost all Christians orthodox and we believe in love for every soul either you are human or a lovely pet  
The best time to do so it will be when you are ready to explore a huge European garden , sometime you may find yourself in a time machine visiting places and people like untouched from decades or very modern country side people. We do have in full four seasons,  spring - summer - autumn and very white fluffy winter ( sometimes very low temperatures so be prepared )


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